Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Tips to choose the best mobile app development company

Hello, if you are looking for the mobile app development company to build your custom mobile application or applications

Read this one, at least once; it may help you to choose the best mobile app. Development Company

Usually, the mobile app development company serves the mobile applications. Applications either as per user/ customer customize or else generalize applications

As we all know that the running era is mobile generation, if smart phone/mobile is in your hand, it means; the whole world in your hand. Because, all the applications like; information sharing, maps, access accounts, social media, plays games, music, videos, GPS navigation, e-shopping, e-banking, mobile-banking etc… are developed as a mobile applications and all are available in respective mobile app store

List down the basic requirements:

  • Make companies list as per your requirement, which providing the facility like customize applications to users/customers.
  • By forget the companies by knowing their history, reputation, customer service, app portfolio, highly responded published apps, design-developing-innovation, and cost of apps etc… These are the common things to help out, the choosing, Best Mobile App Development Company.
Tips to choose Mobile App Development Company:

1. History: Search history for some reputed companies; know about in depth, company’s information’s are helped to recognize their reputation in the market.

2. Customer service: Who provide the satisfaction to the customer, who builds the customer relation smoothly or professionally, behavior with customer, response to customer’s requirements; take follow up after delivering application, and complete care of customer’s applications and customers. In short, ready to providing quality applications with 24/7/365 provide helps to their customers.

3. Value of apps: Notice their published applications review, design, votes, comments, security etc…, as they get the higher response to published applications, you can easily getting idea about how they works? What they provide? Quality & Security to user? Designing and developing skills?

Quality measure by providing high definition graphics used in the application. Also, measure the resolution of the mobile screen. Etc…

4. Continues updating: Who provide the both android as well as the iOS mobile app developing applications? Who is constant upgrade with the market and developing their programming skills, which gives customization, innovative ideas, quality app, features, and security to user’s requirement?

5. Cost effectiveness: The main factor is cost. Cost is matter a lot, who gives the all above things with very affordable price. Cost measures two ways. Either whole application cost at a single time or by pay cost as per the developing one by one phase.

Developing phase like: analysis requirements, designing, developing, testing, and deployment.

Cost table if pay phase by phase:

Requirement Changes
Analysis requirements
Higher then 1st phase
Higher then 2nd phase
Not possible
Higher then 3rd phase
Not possible
Higher then 4th phase

After the deployment of any applications, maintenance cost should be applied, if the app is required to update or append any new things to the already exist applications, these thing should be possible by paying the cost.  
6. Guideline: Generally, also provide a mini guide for use the particular applications. Guideline should be in most understandable manner for everyone. Check out that kind of helps also.

To getting these all information’s, some basic questions are like;
  • Questions Tips to Customer:
  • Show me your app portfolio?
  • Show me your published app links?
  • Show me your customer portfolio?
  • How innovation, quality and features worked by you?
  • What is your development process update and communication?
  • What is your charge levied to development app?
  • What is your experience?
  • How you manage the customer relations?
  • What are your goals to provide customer satisfaction?
  • In which domain you provide a service? (Android, iOS or Both)
  • Have you build recently any applications?
  • In what time duration you required minimum/maximum to develop one basic application?

These all question gives you right way to choose best mobile application company, if you phase as a customer any wrong thing in reply to answer for those questions from company, it indicates that there were something wrong or else company tries to hide something. It means; risk was there. 

But, in other case, might be the some companies are really genuine and have potentiality in their work but, as per the company rules and regulations or terms and conditions they have to hide something.


At the end I suggests; The Company who provide the latest app mechanism, with affordable cost, with customer satisfaction service and to design + developing as per the customer’s requirements etc, Soooo, this type of the company are known as best mobile app development company.

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