Thursday, 10 March 2016

MEAN Stack is more efficient to develop Mobile & Web API.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke.

And I just wanted to tell you that, the above line is truly suitable for MEAN Stack.

The MEAN Stack is collaboration of four most efficient and wonderful things. The MEAN Stack is representations by MongoDB , Express.js , Angular.js , and Node.js.  

This article is especially for non-technical viewers, to help out them to choose best technology for their customized Mobile and Web API development.

As above image will tell that MongoDB is allocating to the database system, Express.js is work as back-end web framework, Angular.js is work as front-end framework and Node.js is work as back-end run-time environment.  

Let’s see in brief about MEAN Stack:

MEAN Stack is a technology to develop, Mobile and Web Applications. MEAN Stack is combination of JavaScript files or programming. MEAN Stack is good to understand. MEAN Stack is easy to developed and easy to manage as well. MEAN Stack is provides most wonderful and feasible applications.

Let me tell you as descriptive:

What are the qualities provided by the MEAN Stack?  

  • MongoDB is for fully managed database, with NoSQL attribute and it is work like schema-less database.
  • Exprss.js is lightweight back-end framework.
  • Angular.js is front-end development framework.
  • Node.js is server side JavaScript execution framework.

Why MEAN Stack application development framework?

  • JSON: Easy JavaScript Object Notation instead of SQL commands.
  • Query less, API building.
  • Super speed execution then other.
  • Easy to manage database.
  • Easy to manage all stuffs.
  • MEAN Stack is most robust and effective framework to develop applications.

Why developer’s first choice is MEAN Stack?


  • Cross-platform: document oriented database.
  • NoSQL:not applicable the structured query language, so no need to understand of any queries.
  • Amazing data retrieving speed: due to schema-less database, utilize less memory of database to store valid and required datum only.
  • Like RDBMS: MongoDB is works like RDBMS database but, it is not.
  • Easy to integrate certain type of data through MongoDB database functionality.
  • Less chances to conflict datas as the managed by MongoDB which is provide more security to your data and uses the ‘collections’ instead of tables.
  • Easy to manage ad-hoc queries, the object relation management without SQL database or queries.


  • Express.js is used to build single, multi-page and hybrid web – APIs.
  • It is provided the libraries as middleware for MongoDB.
  • Easy to implement when required REST APIs.
  • Easy to manage session management.


  • MEAN Stack is working with data object model as Angular.js.
  • Two-way data binding possible with MEAN Stack.
  • More helps to building a Single Page Application type development.
  • Angular.js is declarative templating to design APIs from client side, easily.


  • JavaScript runtime, execution provider framework.
  • Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model.
  • Node.js is lightweight & efficient.
  • Node.js is to build asynchronous I/O apps.
  • Node.js is data – intensive and real time applications which runs on distributed devices.

  1. Familiar language: the MEAN Stack is fully JavaScript oriented which is very familiar scripting language by any developer.
  2. Both side: MEAN Stack is feasible for both side development, front – end as well back – end development.
These are the lot of things which provided MEAN Stack, so amazed!

MEAN Stack cycle:

Live Example:

Representational State Transfer API which is one of the alternatives towards to SOAP and WSDL – XML based applications.

An API which consist the HTTP client-server model and CRUD database related operations were Post, Get, Put and Delete methods may apply respectively and specifically.  


At the end I am just suggesting those, who are thinking to develop their own, customized, effective and feasible Mobile or Web-API for your business niche, before take any decision contact to best Web-app development service provider and get consult once at-least about MEAN Stack applications development.

In short, the MEAN Stack is provides flexible data validation, generic form validations, extendible performance, with some extraordinary stuffs like faster execution, strong security, less complexity, Node.js who never need of any threads, Angular.js which provide dynamic client-side templates and lot of other awesome things.

MEAN Stack is easiest web-API development framework. Thus, the MEAN Stack is very sophisticated front-end and multi-threaded back-end which provides fully managed Mobile and Web-API. It will more useful or helpful to accomplish the user requirement, even it is also good for your business oriented applications. MEAN Stack provide more betterment to your real life applications.