Thursday, 29 October 2015

The ultimate use of WordPress theme framework to develop professional website

WordPress is a content management system. Currently, every IT companies dealing with the wordpress framework to develop small & enterprise websites for their clients. As we all know that, to live we required the mostly 3 things that are air, water & food. Normally; we all have conscious mind which can control our entire activities.

Same like that; the Content Management System is fully managing the content of the system or software or application or website. CMS is used as abbreviated form of the “Content Management System”, & the abridged form of it; is well known word in IT world.

Without wasting time to give intro, I would like to elaborate the term WordPress Theme CMS Framework.

What actually use of content management system?

Content management system represents the computer application which allows publishing, editing and modifying the contents with the authenticated use. Even organizing & deleting also; in short whole maintenance form the central interface.

Many content management systems are currently working with the different platforms with different languages.

For e.g. druppal, wordpress, joomla, are known as the CMS.

WordPress is built under the PHP & MySQL licensed; mostly user uses the WordPress framework for eCommerce website & blogs. Almost, 70% of websites & blogs are managed by the WordPress. 

The current time is presenting the youth of users who are willingly tie – up with the   ready services for anything in the IT firm.

Isn’t it true? 

Defiantly the truth is there, the reason behind this that the current generation is depended on the computer generations, business competition also goes to the high level. 

So, to drive your business with customization, & smooth to the branding level, you have to use any CMS for better output of your qualitative services towards the customers.

Here, something interesting about the WordPress Theme Framework.”

The WordPress is providing such facilitate to customers. Likewise; user can customize their own themes & template layouts, as well as inner factual data like have to any new arrival things should be published, modifying old data on a regular basis, organizing events of organization, editing, updating, deleting easily all the things should be well maintain in the WordPress theme framework at once authenticate login for specific.

Look at some famous WordPress Framework Themes: -

What are the different Themes of Wordpress Framework?

Numbers of themes are very well known representing the WordPress Framework; here from all I just listed some of them, just for the reference.

  1. Genesis.     
  2. Thesis.
  3. Woo Framework + Canvas Theme.
  4. Elegant.
  5. Trend.
  6. Gantry – this is only free. Other than this all are paid with different cost of amount.
  7. And many thousands of more.
 This all are the very famous themes of WordPress, which uses based on higher level of quality even that all paid expect one. Though it’s providing paid themes with that; they also give wondrous services with the affordable rate.

What is theme framework separately in wordpress framework?

WordPress framework is the main framework which contains the sub frameworks like, theme & template framework, plugins framework, eCommerce framework, shopping framework and many more…

The “Theme Framework” designed for developing wonderful & responsive themes. The intent behind the theme framework is customization. User can choose their own layout for their own website or blogs.

The “Theme Framework” provides a ‘drop-in’ code library for development of any damn themes. Or we can say also it is stand – alone theme for reference to another themes. Just like a parent theme of every child themes or templates.

By themeforest you can get the idea that 1157 wordpress blog & magazine themes & templates are available. 

On the other side the colorlib share their experience that their free wordpress themes downloaded over 1, 00,000 times.

What the “Theme Framework” provide?

The “Theme Framework” provides lots of impressive & easy to use qualities; with very low cost they provide satisfied wonderful services. Like:

  • Simplicity
  • Uniqueness
  • Stunning layout
  • Widgets
  • Customizability
  • Ease of use
  • Fully controlled on user hand
  • Reliability

This are the enough to listed, but moreover are exist that you will know as per your experienced with the WordPress Theme Framework.

At least, you should try to use WordPress framework once; for your customized website, web – applications, blogs, magazines, business advertising or marketing etc…

It will also provide from top to bottom all services, but the packages are there; with the particular themes. The main most beautiful thing is that it is categorized.

What is the actual need of the customize theme framework?

As compare to earlier, current era is using more computerized web-apps or applications. Approximate, 70 – 72%; of the users ratio. 

Now a day not only the big businesses are computerized and use the web-apps for marketing & serve their service online, but; a very small business can also startup with the computerized media.

For them, the Customization word is comes in the picture. So any user can do their desired things with their own website, blogs, web-applications & E-Magazine etc…

Its deliver advantages to the designer or developer, because it’s just like ready-made code, just manage the specific & relevant content to the particular website or web-applications or blogs.

What features drive with the “WordPress Theme Framework”?

As we know that the WordPress theme framework provides already lot of things as services; even though I want to tell what features they serve?

Let’s have gleams of features: -

  • Wordpress Theme Framework is Responsive:

o   It is Responsive; representing that it is supported to any size of screen. Either for desktop, laptop, tablet, palmtop & mobiles etc…

o   Resolution of screen staled in well manner, for giving responsive layout.

  • WordPress Theme Framework gives Strong Security:

o   Provide a strong security, for the authenticate use.

o   As I said, that wordpress framework is actually designed for non- It people, so user can easily do their desire changes on existing.

o   Provide an authority to change on existing design, no other one can do some changes without admen’s permissions.

  • WordPress Theme Framework gives instant Response:

o   It is give quick response compare to other framework.

o   Because, the code of function is occupied very less space to give response.

  • WordPress Theme Framework is Trustworthy:

o   It is trustworthy, because it is gives assurance towards their customers for their qualitative support & services.

  • WordPress Theme Framework is always Business oriented:

o   This is the lovely feature provided by the WordPress theme framework.

o   Business oriented; is useful for every business.

o   Themes are well categorized for every business, so user or customer can easily get their desired & relevant themes or templates. Just need to choose & use that theme & template for their own customize business orient websites.

  • WordPress Theme Framework can do auto resize of Images:

o   When you will select an theme, just make sure that the images will be resize automatic as per the design & fit that particular images in to the specific position.

o   Auto resizes & fit on the particular space is one of the fantastic & unique features of the WordPress Theme Framework.

  • WordPress Theme Framework is suitable for Advertising / marketing:

o   It is used for advertising & marketing of your business; in a proper way with the proper layout.

o   Because, the framework help to share your market place towards to the targeted public.

  • WordPress Theme Framework looks better as per their Qualitative designing mechanism:

o   Theme framework is delivering the qualitative design because they follow the strategy to design themes & templates in well manner.

o   So, every user can customize the desire layout of themes. Including colors, shapes, spaces, logos, style, text-style, sizes, effects, everything.

o   The designing strategy like:

  • First you have to set your goal; that the theme & template is using for which object or aspect?
  • Secondly, you have to target your audience & location.
  • Then, selecting your brand image as well tagline for serving a good quality.
  • Then, applying relevant & attractive colors, shapes & all whatever requires designing for a theme or template.

  • WordPress Theme Framework try to give you Higher Rank:

o   Theme framework is also help to get higher rank on the design basis.

o   Considering the appearances & performances of themes that how many users get choosing wordpress framework? As their own customize framework.

o   Huge response to the theme framework, as their market going to be increase & help to get high rank compare to lower rank.

  • WordPress Theme Framework Search Engine Optimized:

o   To show essential hardworking to fulfillment of the SEO of your website, web – applications & blogs.

o   To get organic traffic towards to your site link is give you drastic improvement of marketing or advertising.

o   Auto managed SEO of your blog & website’s layout.

o   In short; the Search Engine Optimization, is the term ‘SEO’ presenting that the optimized searching by the search engine crawler. Consider only indexed pages of web – apps. 


With help of wordpress theme framework we will have lots of features, run smoothly, load faster, easy to use & understand, flexible towards the customers or users. Not only has this but, also taken only low economical budget and give high performance. With standing 24/7/365 support at anytime. 

We suggest that the use once the WordPress framework throughout the requirement. You will get habituate with this. I just loved it to use. 

At Kensvalley technologies, our developers use most suitable framework to develop enterprise website for clients. Please visit website for more information.

Friday, 9 October 2015

How to make your own community brand most reachable and engaging with phpFox?

Brand is the most necessary thing to identify your position to the public, by the public, with the public. It is considering unique logo design, logo color, tagline style, language, & combination of these all. 
But, before the digital generation, around 70-80% merchants are using legacy system for marketing.

Other around, 20-30% merchants do not believe in marketing.

And, now? Now, almost all are using “digital marketing”, who knows the even little about it.

But, now we all know that the brand is “Big B” for delivering qualitative items towards to the market.

Here, I am going to tell you about how you can grow your brand more successive with “The phpFox Social Networking Platform”.

Business, in terms of phpFox is just show the community, regional groups, political groups, organization, institute, or company profile & members.

So, let me clear that here, Brand is one of the above, who can do the social marketing of their product or else their community programs, institute can declare the schedule of program to their members, company profile can share their services to the customer via social networking.

Likewise, bla…bla…bla…!

PhpFox is a framework to representing your custom social networking application or site. So, I may take it the all community, groups, as Brand also because social networking is great for quickly spreading the news of particular.
I choose it as my today’s topic because, the social networking sites contribute more to grow your brand in positive way & gain more response from the digital generations.

It can be also known as one of the way of “Digital Marketing strategy”. Yes, 90% social networking offers for marketing options now. 

No doubt, that social networking site is for making friends, family, community, sharing emotions, messaging, chatting, like, commenting, bla…bla… and more.
But, only the some of you know that it is used also for advertising purpose of your marketing strategy.

For e.g.:- Facebook allows you to create page regarding your interest, community, business, and many more things like

Same way the phpFox is one of the frameworks for; to design and developed your own social networking site. It is allowed to create your own custom website which can be for anything, either for chatting purpose, or business oriented.

Actually, the fact is almost 190+ social networking sites which all are allow to marketing, advertising or brand sharing either directly or indirectly.
As I said phpfox is PHP supported platform, which provide ready to use themes or templates to you for presenting your community towards your members / employees / students etc…

This can be binds all together, at a time, anytime, anywhere. Totally, comes with the unique concept & custom design / layout facility.

It can be also help to expand your business to the targeted people, without reaching to them physically.

It is one of the most feasible features of it, which you can spread your community / group / page brand more successively towards to the end person.
You are, accessing the apps for it also from the store, were you can easily install direct from the admin control panel.

The phpFox framework’s Admin Panel gives you the full control for your own website from layout to till give more ability to gain more success of your brand; whom you going to be allow in this site, gives all validate & authenticate accessibility towards to the user.

8 wonderful stuffs provided by phpFox:

§     Provide built – in fabulous features like, groups, discussion boards, polls, instant messaging and many more.
§    Can create your own, comprehensive social network.
§    Most, powerful truth is that the phpFox is most likely CMS critic choice fordelivering best social networking software till now.
§   Offers a variety of custom themes & templates. 
§  The very cool editor is help you to making custom & responsive social network it is “WYSIWYG” editor.
§   Provide, key feature is advertisement, allow to extensive branding and marketing options.
§   Give, personalize module to build your own strategy.
§   Definite your social network, & serve the meaning to you for achieving a unique and huge response by the interface phpFox.


At the end, as once you get experienced with the phpFox, you can realize that your market position by your custom website. You can grow your sales & ROI, via digital advertising.

It’s help you for enhancing the effective towards to the non – digital media channels as well a crossing to your entire customer journey in positive direction. It’s creating strong & more interaction with you. 

Definitely, the digital marketing is more effective, efficient, than the traditional marketing. Gain huge response from the digital generation. You have required delivering trustworthy & qualitative brand. And, the most crucial thing is to manage or maintain the “Brand” as higher as you can to get grand positive acknowledgement from audience / customer.

So, the phpFox is ultimately one in all, who provide everything to you & whatever you required just go through the phpFox service provider, they give you everything regarding your social network, with ease of understand & serve with responsive, supportive services.