Friday, 11 September 2015

Magento v/s OpenCart

It's important to know which framework is most suitable for my eCommerce website, most popular frameworks are Magento & OpenCart. To introduce of the most used eCommerce platforms, here we am sharing some information regarding Magento & OpenCart.

1. What is Magento & OpenCart?

Magento & OpenCart are platforms to deliver facilities to the eCommerce Websites. As we know the eCommerce websites are represents online transactions. Likewise, online shopping – eShopping, online banking – eBanking, online bill payment – eBilling etc…

Magento is platform to representing eCommerce websites, which provides corporate eCommerce with a flexible shopping cart system. Magento is also content management system for buying & selling items or anything, via World Wide Web. Magento also provide a powerful marketing strategy, SEO friendly, & some management tools to the ease of customer. 

OpenCart is also used for eCommerce websites; it is free for everyone. It has shopping cart solution. Easy to installation process, gives ready templates, were user can add products and can accept the order from customer. Provide also built in multiple payment gateways and order management to user/customer. 

2. What is use of Magento & OpenCart?

Magento & OpenCart are platforms to serve eCommerce Solutions. E-Shopping – as we know now a day’s mostly user used online shopping. And for online shopping the Magento & OpenCart are one of the platforms who give the facility to manage customer order & customer data, to the online merchants. Gives ready templates, payment gateways, manage record, provide security, and order management etc…

Both are different platforms, but they both are work for same purpose; just differ from to serve work quality to the customer.

3. What are common things between Magento & OpenCart?

Common things: 

Generally, Magento and OpenCart actually have a lot common things. Likewise… both are opensource platform, both are developed in PHP, both gives add-ons products & plug-in for help, both have own templates, and both can maintained by non-programmers. 

They both are also gives such as extensions, special add-ons to categorized products and plug-in which can easily added to introduce new support functions.

Most powerful common thing is their multiple support language and currencies, which can made global business around the world.

4. What are the Differences between Magento & OpenCart?

Unique code and understable. 
Repetitive of code, and understable.
Provide strong & unique security.
Provide normal & general security.
Fast representative.
Compare to Magento it is slow.
Allow almost all Payment Gateways with security.
Allow only some of Payment Gateways.
SEO friendly.
Not SEO friendly.

5. What integration / payment gateways are provided by both?

Magento gateways:
  • BankPayment.
  • CashOnDelivery.
  • DebitPayment.
  • ePay.
  • WorldPlay Extension.
  • PayPal.
  • Cybersource Extension.
  • Amazon Prime Checkout.
  • Etc…many more.
OpenCart gateways:
  • Amazon Payments.
  • BluePay Redirect.
  • EMEA web service API.
  • Free Checkout.
  • PayPal Pro iFrame.
  • Web Payment Software.
  • Secure Trading Web Service.
  • Etc…many more.
Some integration and payment gateways are free and some are paid, depends on gateway provider’s terms & conditions. Magento & OpenCart are provided the features of different gateways, which are a very useful to vendors as well as customers. 

6. Features - 
Features of Magento:
  • Easy to install and add additional layouts and plug-ins. 
  • Offers flexibility, scalability, reliability eCommerce solutions. 
  • Effective and cost sensitive program. 
  • Allows for various discounts and promotions during check-out. 
  • Provide 50+ payment gateways. 
  • Better integration with other eCommerce solutions. 
  • Community based support. 
  • Provide customer service.
Key features are attracted towards to Magento:
  • High performance.
  • Fast growing.
  • Rich consumer experiences.
  • Hundreds of extensions.
  • Open architecture.
  • Certified developers.
  • Give full control of your websites.
Features of OpenCart:
  • Simple store setup.
  • Increase Performances.
  • Good integration.
  • Provide 20+ payment gateways.
  • Responsive layouts.
  • Provide customer service.
Key features are attracted towards to OpenCart:
  • Open source technology.
  • Stable/reliable.
  • Offers Shipment/payment modules.
  • Shared hosting web server.

7. Examples

Magento is providing both Enterprise as well Community. Magento Enterprise is paid version & Magento Community is free version. These two enterprises & communities are categorized websites.OpenCart is totally free & opensource. Provide same facilities to the customer just differ with some services, layouts & infrastructure.


Magento is great for larger stores with larger budgets. It’s got scale-ability to support the growth of your business for years to come, and support any need you may have in the future.

OpenCart is more suitable if you are trying to build your store independently because it’s more intuitive, and it’s almost free to use, but take into consideration that one day, your business may grow out of it. 

So, these are the general information regarding Magento & OpenCart eCommerce platforms which helps to corporate businesses online and to spread use of widely as per there services.

At the end, I suggest that Magento is Quite good than OpenCart, because of Magento provides some extraordinary things as OpenCart provides general things.

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