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Easy & beautiful web app development with laravel framework

Laravel is great framework for developers to build easy & beautiful web application for niche and businesses. But the question arises as what are the frameworks and why laravel is most recommended among those. And those are

  • Phalcon
  • Symphony 2
  • Zend framework 2
  • CakePHP
  • CodeIgniter

It's developed by Taylor Otwell. Laravel is PHP framework, which is used to create different and unique web applications.

Laravel is PHP framework for application development. Laravel is a free, open source framework to create web application or website. User / developer can made any type of web application or website. Laravel app development framework saves time; give fewer efforts with maximum optimization and customization work results.  

Laravel is following the MVC – model view controller architecture. So, it can be modularize your code. Also, user can build own composer packages with the help of Javascript and AJAX methods into Laravel framework. To ease of more creating web app which can serves help to n-user.  

General Features:
  • Gives modern PHP features.
  • Following structural best practice.
  • Great documentation.
  • Active communities.
  • Robust.
  • Following the PSR standards. (PHP standards recommendation)

Till now Laravel framework lunches their many versions let’s go through one by one.

Level-1: (06/2011) 

This is the birth time of the Laravel framework to the market. Here, Laravel framework proves that “first impression is the last impression.” Laravel is comes with the new fantastic entry to the market with the passionate goal. And the goal is “to provide best web application in terms of speed, security, and all keeping focus on every aspect of web application.” 

Key Feature:
  • Built in authentication.
  • Localization.
  • Eloquent ORM.
  • Extendibility of modules and libraries.

Keep required:

  • MVC architecture.
  • More feature controller.
  • Validation.
  • Methods.
  • Paginations.
  • Command line package installer.
  • Expand Eloquent ORM.

Level-2: (11/2011) 

Due to remain the most required and frequent factors; Laravel released next read me file on 24th Nov, 2011; which is the second upgraded version of Laravel framework  for web app development. Behind this, aim is to give more simple and expressive code. So, developer can get more creative ideas to create unique and beautiful web app.

Upgraded Key Features:

  • Controller support.
  • Blade – templating engine.
  • Control container.
  • Covered MVC architecture.
  • Application logic.
  • Routing mechanism.

Keep required:

  • Bundles.
  • More powerful Eloquent ORM.
  • Class auto-loading.
  • Unit test.

Level-3: (02/2012)   

After getting huge response, Laravel needs to give love in returns to the users of Laravel framework. To provide more and much extra facility they released their third edition of version on 22nd Feb, 2012. The most stable and solid features are there.

Upgraded Key Features:

  • Bundles.
  • Unit test integration.
  • Artisan command line interface.
  • Database migrations.
  • Session drivers.
  • Database drivers.

Keep required:

  • Role management.
  • User management.
  • ERP management.

Level-4: (05/2013)

Comes with new and fresh updates, Laravel released 4th version on 28th May, 2013 for highly optimize and extraordinary web app.

Upgraded Key Features:

  • Composer.
  • Dependency management.
  • Powerful queue library.
  • Database seeding.
  • Built in mailer.
  • Unit testing.

Keep required:

  • Composer packages.
  • Robust.
  • Credibility of the framework.
  • Too fast –paced.
  • Unstable.
  • Restful controllers.
  • Tough to migrate of different versions.

And the last all required things are available in newer version of Laravel framework. i.e.: Most upgraded Laravel version – 5 released on 7th March, 2015; with MIT license, used by the user and developers. Because, it have ultra - modern and newest facility to build often useful and creative web app. Provide full custom authentication to developer, for creating big web application. 

Technical requirement:

  • Web-server.
  • PHP 5.3 or higher.
  • FileInfo library.
  • Mcript library.

5 reason why we should use the Laravel framework for web app development? 

Here, will be Comparison with other PHP framework like symphony, yii2, Phalcon, CakePHP, CodeIgniter etc…

Laravel gives a fantastic reason to stick to use the Laravel as compare to other frameworks.

Let’s see the challenges of Laravel which provide to user/developer.

1. Open source
    • Laravel is written in PHP 5. And it is free or open source PHP web application framework. So, it saves money. Don’t you think that it is basic advantage of Laravel? And it is mean a lot as financial.

2. Security
    • High level: though it is free, Laravel loves to provide strong security to user. Authentication level is very simple. In fact, each thing considered as out of the box.
    • Also provide eloquent authentication driver or use database authentication driver.
    • Give a validating user credentials without login.
    • Manually logging in users.
    • Protecting Routes & Encryption.
    • CSRF Protection – Cross – site request forgeries.
    • HTTP basic authentication.
    • And many more…

3. Version.
    • Current version: 5.1.6 is current version of Laravel Web App. Framework.

4. Integrated ORM
    • Eloquent ORM: Eloquent ORM is Object Relational Mapping. It is used for the mapping a databases. From older version to newer version.
    • Active record implementation.
    • Each database table have equivalent model to interact with the particular table.
    • Database connection is must be in start mode.
    • Provide customize database.

5. Ease of Use: LARAVEL
    • Laravel framework is most simple and comes with the mature-able way.
    • Laravel gives basic idea from the help file.
    • Simple syntax with easy understandable manner.
    • Easy to follow guide.
    • Easy to implementation.
    • Easy to configuration.
    • Easy to migration.
    • Easy to updating.

So, We happy to recommend & suggest to use the Laravel framework to desired output and Laravel is seems to be the hottest now a days so it will be more preferable to use such a web – app development framework. Till the last Laravel is excellent PHP framework; and followed by other PHP framework such as Phalcon, Symfony2, & CodeIgniter.

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