Thursday, 13 August 2015

What are the best PHP framework for social network development?

Facebook & linkedin are lead players of social network community and they are specific to general users and professional users respectively. 

What if I would like to build social network for my community and niche which offers similar functionality as facebook & linkedin provides.

There are various PHP frameworks to build social network, and we will go through each and choose appropriate one for our niche. 

But the general questions are arises like:

  • What is Social Networking frameworks?
  • How it will be useful to common people?
  • What are the Social Networking frameworks currently available?
  • Which is best and affordable Social Networking frameworks?
  • Comparison between different Social Networking frameworks?

Let’s go through one by one  

1. What is Social Networking frameworks?

A social networking framework which provides a custom mechanism like social networking websites.

Can shares files, photos, comments which are the common in all social networking sites.

But, open source social networking frameworks gives a chance to create your own custom social website which can run on your private web server / web host.
2. How it will be useful to common people?

In general use of the social networking is to interact with others. Make special moment with friends, family, & loved once. Can connect with similar interest, organization, business, cause & community etc…; either for individual or professional use.

3. What are the Social Networking frameworks currently available?
Most popular frameworks are 

- PHPDolphin
- Oxwall
- SocialEngine
- PHPfox

a. PHPDolphin: A Socialite Networking Platform – PHPDolphin.

PHPDolphin is a Social Networking Script to customize Social Accounts.

PHPDolphin is platform which provides social connections between users. Connections require for binding professional or individual relation to each other. PHPDolphin is a media to provide interaction via internet. PHPDolphin is advanced and easy Social Networking Software.

PHPDolphin name notify that the software built on the PHP platform, so it is fully scalable, customizable, user friendly layout. It is most popular for the commercial social media networking. Also provide functionality like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc… 

Technical requirement:
  • PHP 5.3 or higher. 
  • MySQLi extension.
  • GD Library extension. (Open source library for create dynamic images).
  • Web server / web host.
  • Internet connection.
  • Physical system.
Key Features
  • Verified profiles.
  • Unified search box.
  • More optimize for iPhone 5 and iOS device.
  • Responsive layout.
  • Ajaxed pagination site wide. 
  • Manage reports.
  • MLS – Multi Language System.
  • Cache system.
  • API for retrieve.
  • Specific formation design.
  • Video supportive.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Other common features are available.
  • For more:

b. Oxwall: Social Community Organization.

Oxwall is organization for built a community.

Oxwall is Social Networking Community Organization, who provides a social connection to similar community via internet medium. Oxwall is work on PHP/MySQL platform. Which provide full flexibility to build your own social website like Facebook by using Oxwall plug-ins.

Oxwall cares a lot to their core plug-ins, to maintain update and be compatible to others in the market.

Oxwall has been around 2010, & still they are also a caretaker of their users because it is crucial thing for them to earn huge market response.

The magical things which affect a lot that it is for everyone, easy to collaborate, give enterprise solutions, customize and open source.

Technical requirement:

  • PHP 5.2.6 or higher.
  • MySQL 5.0 or higher.
  • GD library.
  • Mail server.
  • Web server / web host.
  • Internet connection.
  • Physical system.
Key Feature:
  • Blogs, Forums, Wiki.
  • Rating.
  • Privacy and profile Customization.
  • Video-conference tool.
  • Security for privacy.
  • Upgrade plug-ins.
  • Built – in SEO.
  • MLS – Multi Language Support.
  • Other common features are available.
  • For more:

c. SocialEngine: Most Customize Social Platform – SocialEngine.

Create social network on Own Server and also on Cloud Server.

Social Engine is paid website to create custom social platform; either using SE.PHP or SE.Cloud.

Social Engine is known as most customize Social Networking Platform, because of their customize service to users. 

SocialEngine PHP:
If user have own server, they can build own social website by downloading SE.PHP plug-ins. After downloading user can able to see the full source code and also able to make any custom changes for their desired website.

SocialEngine Cloud:
If user have not own server even they can build their own social network by accessing SE.Cloud social accounts. It’s not giving any source code to the users; it is just like facebook, twitter etc…

But, both are giving free trial for basic purpose of use.

Technical requirement:

  • PHP 5.3 or higher.
  • MySQL 5.0 or higher.
  • InnoDB table support. (storage engine for MySQL).
  • Web server / web host.
  • Internet connection.
  • Physical system.
Key Features:
  • Domain free /can use custom domain.
  • Custom settings to manage profile/account.
  • Getting required upgraded plug-ins.
  • Provide themes, add-ons & widgets.
  • MLS – Multi Language Support.
  • Other common features are available.
  • For more : 

d. PHPfox: PHPfox for creating customize social network.

PHPfox is most overarching website for creating custom social networking platform.

PHPfox is most categorized and customized social networking script. Build in PHP/MySQL. Here, I used word “categorized” it means if you have an educational organization/institute then you can create PHPfox only for that entire organization. Members are like everyone; who are connected with that organization only. So, the website considers only categorized peoples who are directly or indirectly connected with the institute. Many more categories like, business, organization, community, brand, and interest groups etc…

It is easy to use and as well as easy to understand also. No need of any changes in coding. So, it is less complicated compare to other social networking script.

Requirement: install the script in particular web server/web host.

Technical requirement:

  • PHP 5.4 or higher
  • MySQL 4.1 or higher
  • GD library
  • Web server / web host
  • Internet connection
  • Physical system
Key Features:
  • Activity feed
  • Privacy
  • Blog
  • Quizzes
  • Theme management
  • Custom fields
  • Responsive layout
  • SEO friendly

4. Comparison between different Social Networking frameworks?

Out of this four frameworks, PHPDolphin and Oxwall require license permissions to use their product. As SocialEngine is custom depends on the organization but they give at least a free demo trial to new users. And, PHPfox is totally paid platform so there is also required license. Even PHPDolphin and SocialEngine are paid but customize platforms. But, the Oxwall is only the free and stable platform, with these one disadvantage of Oxwall also occur that is, chances are more for spamming data. 

PHPDolphin gives free trial for 14 days and SocialEngine gives free trial for 30 days. So if you just plan to use the free trial only; once at least should try and get experience with SocialEngine.

PHPfox is not open source, but they gives much functionality compare to other, they also charged for removing existing account which is paid once already and to exit from that account again pay the same charges. Charges are only; because of their market values are high. PHPfox provide best hosting service and keep eye on their customer continues, ready to help 24/7 support. 

5. Which is best and affordable Social Networking framework?

All are good at their places, but in terms of affordable Oxwall is good because it’s free, but more good is the SocialEngine than Oxwall because it’s give more functionality in the trail period which is also free. 

But, in terms of the best that is only the PHPfox; out of these four platforms. Though it is paid but it gives top to bottom functionality of social networking site with 24/7 customer support, with user friendly customization. So if you gone be long user of your own customizing social network, PHPfox is only the best one. But, for the startup any free platform is good to well beginning of your own social marketing website.


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