Monday, 18 January 2016

Make your web-apps more robust with Angular.JS in 2016

Angular.js is vastly used for website and web-application development now days.

Do you think ever as a developer, Why Angular.js is doing work sincerely? Why developer chooses Angular.js? What was the reason to use Angular.js?

One of the very well known proverbs says that “First impression is the last impression.”

Same as, N user will see first to catch the layout of your website or web-application.

How it Looks like?, Attractive or not?, Navigational or not?, Responsive or not?

Actually, the Angular.js is a JavaScript based application or you can say it is software also. This is mainly used to develop custom, responsive, feasible website or web-applications in short dynamic web-applications.

Angular.js is expressing the main functionality with the ease of elaborating. So, stranger can also understand easily, as it is in readable format so it is drive by secure way to the destination.

Let’s see How Angular.js performance is impactful?
  • The Angular.js is now as a stable API or framework to develop dynamic web-apps.

  • It is nicely integrated with other files like CSS, HTML, jQuery which are plays most important role to design dynamic web-apps with the Angular.js.

  • Angular.js is two-way binding, were static and dynamic both data binding can be accessible. It’s tying together the UI and the Model object, by applying respective queries, methods, and functions.

  • Angular.js can remove dependency by providing injection manager.

  • Angular.js is doing cross – module communication, and this is good to interact with any framework at the time of specific requirement.

  • Angular.js is presenting Single Page Application with the nest-able alias function.

And as the performance wise, the Angular.js extra-ordinary servicer, that is work on two-way binding, therefore data manipulation of larger applications can be easily bounded with each another. In fact, the Angular.js is working with MVC architecture, so Model, View, Object architecture is quite good then all other in terms of speed. Some fantastic functions of Angular.js and its impactful performance:

  • Use bind: this is for identify to one-time binding by stable object to digest the earlier value, and after removing set the new bounded value. At that time the old watcher will be filter-zed. By this, normal binding can to with easily.
  • $watch_Collection: this function is used with its 3rd parameter that is true or false, which is giving binary result of the task. Combination of value, function and binary result make applications faster.

  • $ng-if: it does remove the elements from DOM, which are occupying unnecessary space, but it will re-create when its requirement is arise. This function is good to save memory as memory booster.

  • console.time: it is a console API to solve debugging issue or do re-factoring the data at the time of requirement. Wow, it is cool for developers to develop smooth applications! And, what should to avoid to improve Angular.js performance?

  • Watchers: when you feel that your Angular.js is working very slowly, there were basically two reasons behind this, either your application having too many watchers, or those watchers which are behave harder to your applications, I suggest you avoid this type of extra watchers.

  • $ng-repeat: this function is meaningful were the application is larger or lot many nested pages are there, but if your application is too small, at that time the ng-repeat should avoid due to is increasing the execution time, and after that all other further process going to slow-down.

  • $watch: only value and function are as parameter which not displaying the perfect result in a binary data. You need check separately otherwise just avoid the $watch function and use $watch_Collection to check every property of the application deeply.

  • $ng-show: it is as a toggles of elements were on/off requirement, at that time render value generated for that element, to hide it they use “Display: none” function. But, usually you should avoid this function and use ng-if as per survey the ng-if is 95% better than ng-show.

Thus, the things are should be avoided to present your applications superbly as first impression is always best because it may help for your applications betterment.


At the end I just want to share that the Angular.js is applications to develop modern web – applications. As everything having a two faces here Angular.js also have two faces.

There are bunch of functions, and from that some functions must be used for your better accomplishment and some functions must not to use, which are not able to remove inconsistency.

The functions are mostly useful for front-end developers, which mainly serves the featured-full mechanism to ease of development.

I can say that, the Angular.js framework is good enough to serve qualitative web-applications and backend by Google support. That’s why the app-developer mostly chooses the Angular.js framework to present their apps superbly.

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