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Mobiles that effects every business, now it's everything!

After great success of business on mobile, everyone is shifting from web to mobile to get more exposure and sales. I fill privileged to share something tremendous information with you techno peoples it’s about the ‘Mobiles’.

Now a day almost 95% people having their own smart phones. Like, “Entire world is in the small palm.”

Such mobiles are great inventions to utilize the need of leaving and dealing with the respective businesses.

Everyone knows about Google is a most impactful search engine among all other in SEO terms. Let’s see some Mobile oriented facts.

Mobile First:

What is mobile first?

‘Mobile first’ is one of the trends to use for interaction between vendor and customers. In fact, it is known as a code writing strategy also. It is mobile first.css file which especially used for the designing purpose.

The “Mobile First” file is invented by Google, so this product is basically arrived from Google; from their dedicated developers who are ready to provide all the respective, responsive mobile applications to your smart device were user can get their app’s layout on demo of mobile device. Just like a simulation of mobile application with the use of Mobile First trend.

What they provide? / Features.
  • Geographically suitable: use anywhere, anytime.
  • Easy to operate (inbuilt help guide provided).
  • Comparatively faster access than desktop.
  • Allow to website view on mobile as responsive layout.
  • Navigational functionality well managed.

How it works?

Mobiles are work with wireless markup language. Also, they are working with responsive JavaScript libraries with support of required HTML, CSS and jQuery files.

Conclusion of these:

It is most optimize code are being used to deliver the qualitative output to the device users. In short, the ‘Mobile First’ is comes into picture with the aim of representing the well maintain mobile application layout on Mobile device.

Multi-Screen World:

What is multi-screen world?

The name introduce itself its motive that it is supporting to the multi-device screens. I think you readers got the basic idea what I am trying to say? The website or web-applications support to respective resolutions and as per each device resolution size are differ even-though the web-apps are responsive and will feet & match to the device resolution size.

How it works?

The multi-screen term works for the perfect layout on a particular device. As we all know that the mobiles, tablets, laptops, and desktops all are having different sizes so but naturally, they all having different resolution screens.

And to represent the web-application’s layout may appear dynamically, and set to the each respective device, you should use the ‘responsive-tag’ or ‘responsive-function’ or ‘responsive-library’ because this is depends on the operating system support.

What they provide? / Features.
  • Responsive layout.
  • Help to accomplish of business goals.
  • Secure data interaction.
  • Easy to access accounts on multiple devices at the same time.
  • Flexibility exists.
  • Quicker result.

  • Online booking, shopping, banking, entertainment, social media sites are use the multi-screen.
  • Another example, user uses their Social account like FB on a mobile device, without ‘logout’ from there they can access the same account from laptop or desktop which have internet connection at the same moment.

Conclusion of these:

The multi-screen resolution is need to be set when the web-site and web-applications are going to be launched as online website or web-apps, were the website and web-apps data going to be store in cloud server or external server.

Generally, used when need to develop large and socialize website or web-apps, for users betterment to use efficiently and effectively from anywhere, anytime, by any device.

Mobile Trends :

What is mobile trend?

Mobile trends are works as strategies, for marketing, banking, e – commerce, m – commerce and other factors. To do a specific business online, first you need to set the respective goals and follow your work-plan to achieve that as a milestone with willingness attitude and aptitude towards your strategies or trends.

Generally, the trends are strategic plan for your better accomplishment. And, as the time goes, the strategy also going to be update or recreate or changed, here you just need to walk with tech - generation.

What are mobile trends in 2016?

Note: There are number of trends but mainly are marketing and payment trends.

Let’s have looked one by one all the mobile trends in deep:
  • Instagram ads: this is a one of the social media trend, which is come-up with the aim of more targeting capabilities, more opportunities to drive impactful outputs, and more accessibility.
  • Mobile payments: this is a one of the commercial trend, which is come-up with the mobile banking, m-commerce cases.
  • Mobile Native advertising: this is a one of the business trend, were the advertisements or marketing can be done to gain organic and relevant traffic, by rebuilding the loyalty between customer and vendors or advertisers.

  • Advertise may popup while playing games, or use other applications, that are mobile native advertising, which is relevantly occurred to the mobile screen.
  • Customized & dedicated information and ads: this is giving a personal trend, as most customize trend it was. And, work like a virtual assistant.

How they work?

The mobile trends are work on cross platform tools. They are working with numbers of application with the less optimization. It is only the minor drawback might be.

But, they work with the customization which can help to increasing user experience. Also, work with the automation functionality.

What they provide? / Features.
  • Faster mobile app development.
  • Auto - integration with social media.
  • User can get the real result instead of virtual result.
  • Greater emphasis on user experience & app analysis.
  • Strong app – security for better enhancement.
  • Integration with cloud technology.

Conclusion of these:

The ‘Mobile Trends’ are plays a very important role to describe the different strategies along with the requirement of extra care to apply strategies, because one wrong step did by mistake can convert your aim of business-marketing, banking or payment anything. And, all mobile trends factors are necessary as per the requirement arise they help a lot.

Greatest Fear at the time of advertisement on mobiles:

What fear is their?

We all know that the Google web-browser have only the highest usage data among others. Eventhough Google faces the some losses. And that lose is become Google’s fear.

What is the reason?

Actually, at the time of collaboration with AdWords who do campaigning for your advertisement, which is for personal and specific bidding of relevant advertisement. And, that time the AdWords is preventing that advertisers are do advertise separately on multi-screen devices.

The Google trusted on it, but the AdWords fail to prove their loyalty to the Google analysts. And, the Google got suffer from long-term CPC losses.

Not only these, but AdWords says that, mobile and desktop advertise should pay differ for better to the advertisers.

But… but… but, the platform mix mechanism got confused and serve misleading output from the cloud server and they serve bad result which is going to be not impactful. And they got big losses.

What is the solution?

For the temper solution Google decides unwillingness that same rates should pay by multi-screen users for advertisement.

And further, as solution of these matter, the latest SEO strategies are come into picture and applied appropriately when& were its requirement arise. This is to get better result and resolved the problem.

Conclusion of these:

“Try & try again you will succeed one day!” is become true here, Google AdWords, are continues try to sort out this matter from long time, at the end they rebuild the SEO strategies to better enhancement of advertisement. And, they hosted relevant advertising database to the cloud server.

Now, advertisement and its related information will fetch out from the cloud server without misleading or confused data.

Why this matters for search:

What mobile matters?

Obviously, the mobile matters a lot for search, as mobile user’s strength are increasing day by day. And mobiles are offers the same quality which desktop provided.

Actually, the mobiles are better than desktop use, as they provide some extraordinary features than desktop; they provide flexibility to utilize the device functionality.

How mobile search works?

Most, latest mobiles are designs as touch – screen device, so they are also known as smart-phone device. The smart-phones are internet supported, and now the mobile sim-card companies are offering the 3G, 4G, and higher speed provided for search.

The mobile search represents the CTRs pages instead of SERPs pages, just a screen size and resolution is differ, other than all works same, the relevant pages occur on home-screen with the specific targeted links by appropriate keywords.

What they provide? / Features.
  • Device friendly search.
  • Faster search.
  • Geographically, utilization.
  • Search from anywhere, anytime.
  • Responsive search supported.
  • Secure search result.

Conclusion of these:

Such, Mobile search is enough good as compare to desktop search. But, the number of CTRs data are less compare to SERPs data. So, generally it is giving bit relative result to either ads or organic.

Entire Conclusion:

At the end I just conclude with my opinion – The mobiles are great device to enhancement the world, and utilize the freedom of customized use of mobile device. If I pick especially the SERP, the SERPs are representing in a form of fragmentations or sessions. So, the speed of execution of search query will go faster than desktop SERPs. But, you just need care of your Internet connection data transfer speed. Because, it is matters a lot.

More feature-able thing is the SERP is also invented by the Google. It is basically an algorithm which works on the mobile search as well as desktop search. But, now a day the majority users fire the mobile search for their respective queries as mobiles are flexible and access it anywhere, anytime.

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