Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Build your own responsive custom social network with PHPfox

Commonly, we all humans are social animal, we always looking for the, our favorite & easy to communicate social group. 

But, now a days, big fishes like Facebook, LinkedIn etc… available for better communication inter-mediator even you are very from your loved once.

That type of social networking sites, almost delivering very common features to every user. But, if you need to create your own unique & custom social networking site for your own community, or your own business then the feasible option is “The phpFox”.

In our earlier blog we familiarize with only basic things regarding phpFox.

How many users of social networking sites, worldwide?

The shocking answer is numbers of users are used the social networking sites. 

By seeing this, we can say that the current era is known as “social networking generations” which are increasing day by day.

Without wasting anyone’s very precious time, I will start directly to say something new about phpFox.

As we all know that the phpFox is framework for the creating Responsive Custom Social Network. 

Recently, the phpFox script is going to be updated, in September 2015 phpFox launched their new version: “v4.0.8”.

By this, phpFox is going to be more powerful script to serve the service towards to any webmaster for creates custom and responsive social network sites.

For further: You can go with easy & drive smoothly with this advanced phpFox script.

Don’t you think that actually what is offering this updated version?

Latest PHPfox version includes
- Install Info
- Commit Log
- Modified Files
- Change Logs
This is just glimpse of what it providing. Now in detail, phpFox is one of the innovative, responsive, frameworks. By this you can accomplished your track of mind towards to your business. Create your own social network, your own brand, use custom themes, with very affordable rang or almost opensource.
Do you know what factors are going to affected?
     By phpFox script you can integrate your existing application of your business with this framework to improve your business. 
     Even, you can get solutions of your business needs. Likewise; survey, blogs, video / music module, instant messaging and lot more…
Other than this:

Members can generate all of the content. And, promote also. It is just one of the marketing strategies known as juicy marketing. It is very fruitful for users & gets more potential exposure of your business.

Provide 17+ language packs, all wonderful themes, customize applications, not encrypted, offer active user community, over 1300+ plugins, up to 6 months update / support will free.
Oh … amaze… amaze!

Such this gives much surprising things. But, these are the very common things mostly this is provided by other social network framework also.

Then what are the unique things in that newer version of phpFox?

PhpFox v4.0.8 comes with the many vital updates or upgrade. 

Mainly, the reason behind new version is resolving the bugs which are available in the earlier versions.

Some Vanish Bugs Are:
No: & Specification.
Issue 1
Issue 2
Issue 3
Album covers issues.
Blogs are not showing in other versions.
Decline button for friend requests.
Undefined session errors.
Infinite loop on guest user for friend’s cache.
Friends online doesn’t show.
Forum attachment issues.
Add phrase button.
The music album which is not working.
Profile info not completely visible in picture in cover pic.
Responsive theme issues and many more.
Users can’t login after successful registration.

On the other side the phpFox is also deliver the “v3 Nebula knowledgebase for installing the product”, “Community Forum”, “issue tracker” & “v4 Netron knowledgebase.”

These all are the top to bottom of phpFox framework or script. Not only have these had you can numbers of various things implementation.

Likewise; phpfox allows the video to either approve or not, as per the required, offering polls, groups, classifieds, quizzes, creating special events, RSS feeds for instant messaging, various forms of chat etc…

It is serve more and more day by day, aha it’s really great! 

Still more knowing the greatness is remaining.

Latest v4.0.8 is coming with amendment of some extra ordinary features:

§  Upgrade you older version easily with higher one.
§  Deliver more essentially to users.
§  Provide synchronized, supportive, & responsive themes.
§  And more controllers serve to the applications.


According to me, it is really, free because it is developed in opensource PHP, even offering the innovative & unique themes, delivering the customer service 24/7/365. Just required to know about the other social network frameworks who provide basically same things but you need to choose best one that is “phpFox”.

At the end I just suggest that the very supportive service provider, who always ready to help out you, from the darkness of nescience, who are use the open source, PHP supported framework “The phpFox” for better, custom & responsive social networking serve. They believing in customer satisfaction and delivering the most useful mixture of services to you.

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