Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Modern mirror - YoMo mirror an android application

Hello, as listen or read the title the question is defiantly arise that what it is?

Here, I am coming with very hot & latest topic that is “Mirror App”.
Without wasting so much time with introductory portion, I would like to share the new fundamental modernism of “Mirror”.  

Generally, the “Mirror” representing the surface of glass coated with some hard metal body. But, now days; Mirror is one of the hottest available applications on mobiles.

Yes, YoMo Mirror Android App is one of the most useful & advantages application to stand for the “Mirror” for the “handy Mirror”.

Now, I am going to elaborate YOMO Mirror Applications in detail:

Why YoMo Mirror app is going to be launched?

Generally, the people are hurry always, to go outside either for studying, job, work, business, roaming, parties, functions etc…& forget to take handy mirror for fresh and up. Defiantly, look wise.

But, if you have smart phone with you then no worry, in the mobile generation, people can forget the “Mirror” to take but, never forget mobile anyhow. That time mobile embedded application works for “Mirror” type is very useful to people, anywhere, anytime.

What YoMo Mirror provided or features?

  • Does not require handy Mirror.
  • Convert mobile’s front camera into Mirror.
  • Can show sharp & clear effect.
  • Different shape & colorful frames. (optional if we provide)
  • Used for make-up.
  • Easy to carry everywhere.
  • Easy to use.
  • Use for makeover.
  • HD resolution.
  • Faster than other.
  • Use this app in low light even by pressing bulb symbol. (optional if we provide)
  • Can freeze the image for while which is saved in gallery.
  • Can Zoom in – zoom out.
  • Much brighter than camera result.
  • Free of cost application.

The YOMO Mirror is one of the most creative, innovative applications which is very useful to people, gives key features that free of cost, easy to carry, true value resultant etc… is not occupied much memory in mobile app space also faster than other.

The YoMo Mirror, an android application which developed at kensvalley technologies and you can download from Google Play Store. I am sure that, it is going to be amaze, because market/people can easily replace their “handy Mirror” to “YoMo Mirror” App with ease of use.

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