Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Direct reflection of 'React.js' on web-app development.

Today, JavaScripts are playing great roles to provide great user interface which supports cross plateform , and few scripts are very creativity which tells a big different, in IT revolution. 

ReactJS is one of them, let's check what's important about it. 

1 ‘React.js?'

React.js is an open – source, JavaScript Library file, which is providing a user interface with rendered as the HTML. It is one of the open – source project from Facebook, and maintain by Facebook itself also.

2.  What is the purpose of ‘React.js?' 

The purpose of ‘React.js’ is giving essentiality to developer and encourages developing most attractive web-app development, as it is provided user – interface.

 3. What are the advantages of ‘React.js?’

 ‘React.js’ having lots of features and among all some are most notable as:
  1. Easiness: Easy to learn, implement, maintain, readability, upgrade and integration other tools also, that how a rendered your specific functionalities.
  2. DOM: DOM is virtual data object model, giving simulation type functionality / you can say that the static version and provides user interface or model to build interactive, effective, and robust web-apps. 
  3. Performance: Server and client, both side can perform the role of virtual interface.
  4. Components: Provide Components hierarchy to the user interface, like package. Json, JSX for better layout. With the interactive & reusable manner.
  5. Rendering: On server and client both side.
  6. View: View layer from MVC model, build virtual object easily, but it is not MVC.
  7. Live Example: Facebook & Instagram.
  8. Collaborate: Easy to collaborate with any other frameworks, like Backbone.js, Angular.js etc…
  9. Template: The ‘React.js’ is not support to any template for the grate, creative, unique user – interface.
These are the most amazing advantages of ‘React.js, which helps a lot to developers. Developers can easily implementing those all advantage into developing stuffs.

Now let us discuss some statistic information regarding ‘React.js’ as below:

From this we can easily analyze that the ‘React.js’ is where actually existing? Whom they provide service? How much they provide service? I can say that, business, technology, news, shopping, media, education, government and yet another firms which are not describe here for them also ‘React.js’ provides so much interactive user interface fundamentally.

By this, there is no doubt that the ‘React.js’ is extra-ordinary stuffs for more betterment of user interface. But, still one thing is need to cover by the ‘React.js’ that is the developing or programming part of the object.

As, I said this is DOM type but not DOM, so it is for user interface only, but what about admin side interface? Developer need to think, first for themselves, means in the matter of admin side layout.

My personal view for admin side layout is not matters mandatory, but affects a lot on user side interface also, developer can get fresh and unique layout at the time of programming is indirectly useful for the other users. But, this thing it should be optional in ‘React.js’.

For example: 

As, civil engineer prefer to draw a sketch on paper before construct an building in reality, same as we IT solution provider can consider the ‘React.js’ as our practice forma for user interface development.

As they consider as pre-plan or simulation their sketches for to construct better buildings. Same like the ‘React.js’ is give us the framework, to build good interface / layout of web-applications. 

By this we can say that the ‘simulation’ is the feasible option when you are not sure about your construction techniques. Because it saves, time and expense if may any changes sudden require; you can easily implement it into the virtual object first.

At the end, I just wanted tell little more about the “React.js”, which is also important to know further in it.

Thus, the simulation types ‘React.js,’ as a user interface library, build in .NET interface. By this simulation functionality, UI state represents the minimal & efficient layout, for where actually your object should live?

The ‘React.js’ is also gives their another plus-point that is relevant to the SEO term, yes, the ‘React.js’ is provide awesome SEO services as well, provided JSFiddle, provides starter kit, makes writing an JavaScript code more easier and many more…

Even if developers want to knock – out their knowledge of it, for them this is extremely better to understand the ‘React.js’ interface library, just like give your best out-of-the box and improve the quality of service.

Personally, I suggest, if the requirement is focus on the user interface more rather than the admin interface, go with only the “React.js”, it’s very good framework for user side interface mechanism, as it is written in JavaScript language, it is flexible, powerful, and extendable.

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