Sunday, 29 November 2015

PHPFox releases the new fruitful version v4.1.0

PHPFox is social script networking platform, as days goes the new approaches will arrive to the social media. Every social network provider should upgrade itself. But, the PHPfox is much quicker for this matter.

To walk with the advance approaches of social network, PHPFox is always ready to upgrade itself with the launching of new versions as soon as they know the upgrading is required.

Here, the advance version of PHPFox v4.1.0 is comes to the picture with advance features.

Let’s have look on the advance features:

As the v4 is Neutron version of PHPFox. And the v4.1.0 is latest upgraded sub-version of PHPFox for better community website development.

The features are:

  • Auto – refresh function.
  • Custom drift allow for the cover photo of user’s profile.
  • Advance coding style.
  • Fresh dashboard when occur the requirement.
  • Latest default theme.
  • Quickest response.
  • And many more…
Wow, all features are fantastic for developers, now developer can prove their best skills easily to serve amazing social network.

With this version the PHPFox is used the Bootstrap framework for quality serving purpose, the additional plus point is that the Bootstrap is faster even though they have existing database for numbers of themes. 

PHPFox is one of the rapidly amazed social networks with this release it is also work on the future enhancement for the version v4.1.1 where the theming system will be improved for better accomplishment of brand, business and community. And, with that, the other required changing thing is that the PHPFox will be closing soon their public GitHub services to improve their primary grade controls.

Such, the PHPFox is the greatest social network platform to deliver the extreme social network services to the users. 

At Kensvalley, our developers will help client to upgrade their PHPfox version with latest one.

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